Modicon Networks:
      Modbus Plus
       Remote I/O
This Site has vital information regarding Modbus Plus and Remote I/O networks. Design and troubleshooting.

Take a look at a list of  The most requested parts for Remote I/O.

This site is comprised of information to help everyone understand the fundimentals of the Modbus Plus and Remote I/O networks and systems.

This information is useful in designing or redesigning systems as well as troubleshooting and repairing them.

However; if you have any questions regarding either network, or any Modicon product, please contact me, Bob Culley, at Delta Automation, Inc. 
Phone 1-888-PC DELTA or 804-236-2800 and fax at 804-236-2900
My email is

Also at this time there are many articles in the Delta newsletters, located on Delta's website concerning these networks. These articles contain many tips and helpful hints on them.

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