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Delta Automation, Inc.  Richmond, Virginia

Delta Automation, Inc. was formed in 1996 by Bob Culley.

Our President: Bob Culley
After completing his formal training in industrial electronics, Bob performed the tasks of a bench technician, and running a repair department. He was a field service engineer for a large international manufacturer of cigarette production equipment. His responsibilities included maintaining equipment for the high production and high-pressure goals of the tobacco industry in all areas of the world. He was also a technical specialist for the world's largest chemical corporation.

Bob joined Gould/Modicon in 1982 as a field service engineer responsible for the Virginia area. Bob was troubleshooting systems throughout the east coast within weeks. After a year he was promoted to senior field service engineer being tasked with troubleshooting the more difficult problems and assisting other field engineers throughout the country. He worked closely with the factory engineers to locate and rectify any design problems. Bob designed and engineered many field test fixtures and numerous testing procedures still in use today. Bob's knowledge of Modicon remote I/O and communications network earned him recognition as the company expert.
His expertise was called upon for every large or complex system that Modicon sold or serviced worldwide. Being promoted to a system specialist allowed him to troubleshoot a multitude of systems including those in the most remote parts of the globe. Recognized as an expert in his field, he was commended for his work in all of the countries in which he performed services. 

As the corporate raiding of the 90's began to affect the Modicon lineage (Gould, AEG, ASA, Square D, Schnieder Automation), Bob
recognized the decline of timely, costly and reliable service. Bob decided that the time was right to start a full service third party service company called Delta Automation, Inc., providing the best in component level repairs, field service, training, system design, and start-up service.

Delta Automation, Inc. has no equal in the Modicon PLC arena!